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Privacy Policy

We will never sell, rent, lend out, or reveal your email address or any information about you to any third party for any reason. We hate spam and actively fight against it.

This site allows users to submit translations and receive feedback. Users may choose a nickname in the preferences page of account settings. If a translation is submitted, it may be displayed with the user's nickname. For this reason, it's important to not choose a nickname which is most likely different from the user's official name. If someone else wishes to hire or enquire about the translator, the nickname will be used to match correspondence. Nicknames will be unique, but they will not be displayed or published in a manner so that the user may be tracked.

To improve and refine the user's experience of this site, web site analytics may be used, but the information will not be publicly published, nor shared, nor disseminated in any way that would allow the user to be tracked.

If you have any concerns about our policies, please let us know using the contact link. Thank you.

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